Monday, 25 February 2013

Foam latex puppet

Okay so i wanted to show you the first foam latex puppet i ever made.
It was for a university project in second year (now graduated)

It was quite fun to make but i wish I'd created a better armature.

Here's what happened.

I first created my puppet out of Plasticine with a very basic wire armature.
I then took a big wooden board and covered it in clay, i placed the plasticine figure on top of it.
I then built up with the clay all around the puppet so that i could cover it in plaster to make a mould for the foam latex.

I then built up walls using blocks of wood and sealed the edges.


I then filled the box with plaster and waited for it to set.
I then had a plaster mould.
I took out the Plasticine and did the same thing for the other half of the puppet

I then put my custom built armature inside the mould
This was then pressed together with the other half of the mould and foam latex was injected into it and cooked in a special oven.

I used the foam latex puppet to destroy a pub set that i build based on a painting by Van Gogh.

The link for the film can be seen here:

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