Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Big Baby Madness

With the new Gammon film finally finished and out the way, (see here: Gammon)  I've decided to go back to basics.
I want to do a few short pieces, most recently I created a new Georges reviews. (See here: Georges reviews)

And for this month I've decided to do the 11 second club. This will keep me from spending the next couple of years on a single project.
I want to work on short pieces like this and will probably do some more Georges reviews over the coming months whilst I work out what my next big project will be.

I'm hoping to get the Gammon film into festivals for this and next year and if successful I may be working on the continuation of that.

But for now we have the 11 second club, a short monthly animation competition in which you animate to a piece of dialogue, see link if you are interested: 11secondclub.com

Now after all my babble, here's the interesting stuff, the pictures!

This is the mother character with a few mouth designs

This is the big baby character with a few mouth ideas
And here is my unintelligible storyboard
(If you can understand this then you are a very smart person)

       These are just my initial idea pages, there will be more up soon and it should make a bit more sense.

 I'll keep updating as the month and project go on, so keep checking back for more updates!

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