Saturday, 10 December 2011

Old animation (Welcome to my life)

Going back a good few years, when I was about fourteen years old, (so about eight to ten years ago,) I was just getting into animation seriously, I found a love in stop motion and I decided to create an animated series for my family.
The series I created was entitled ‘Welcome to my life’
The series was a rather dark comedy about an old married couple named Pat and George, the episodes revolved around them and their odd relationship. The episodes usually started with the husband (George) sitting in front of the TV and yelling at his wife.

In all I created twelve full episodes ranging from ten minutes to twenty five minutes.
George is an abusive husband who ends up killing a neighbour in episode three, the rest of the series shows George trying to hide what he has done and descending further and further into chaos.
It is on the surface rather a bleak and depressing animation for someone so young to have created but I am still very proud of the full twelve episodes.

The main character George
 (yes the body was made from a smirnof ice bottle lid)

Years later when I came to university I ended up showing the full twelve episodes to a few people and it has since gained a cult status with many of my friends who are quite surprisingly all in love with the show and it’s characters, lines from the episodes are now often quoted to me. For Christmas this year I am burning the series onto DVD for people as they are all this obsessed with it.

I am just glad that something I created could make so many people happy.

Welcome to my life Excerpt

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