Monday, 26 December 2011

Sculptures and models part 01

I have created many models, most created out of plasticine, these are not stop motion puppets although some were used to animate with even thought they were completely without armatures or any kind of support, just in the same way my earlier animations were created.
Here are some photos to show the sorts of models I have been creating over the years.

The first lot of models are more strange things, I went though a faze where I used a lot of blood in my work, I also liked to create odd looking creatures, I wish that I had taken more photographs of my models as these are only a few of the ones I have available.

I'm afraid that the picture quality isn’t great, but these are a few pictures of creatures created out of oven baked clay.

 A version of the devil

The model next to my original drawing

 A strange bug creature
 Zombies for an unmade uni project

 An odd creature from a set of animations i created
 The devil
 Zombie clown created for a university project

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