Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Anti fur fox film

In 2011 i was part of a team that created an animated video for an anti fur campaign for fur free alliance:

My role in the animation was to create a life sized fox puppet and animate it alongside a human all in stop motion.
I was about to create the biggest puppet i had ever created in my life

I started off by making a small maquette


Polystyrene head with wire, foam board and miliput

Cotton wool and latex body

I half covered the body in fur and left the other half skinned as the full sized fox would be skinned in the actual film


When starting the main puppet i first made an armature out of very thick wire and very thin wire

The armature was secured with plasticine and cotton wool just like the maquette

Pink industrial foam was used for muscles and feet

Cotton wool and latex was used to cover the fox's body, it was light weight and bulked out the shape easily

The ears and snout was created using wire, foam board and miliput

The fox was covered in appropriate fur

The tongue was made out of foam latex and the teeth were made out of white miliput

Here is the puppet in it's cage in the finished film.
The film came first in the competition and i was awarded a certificate and a cash prize for my part in the film.
The animating was fun and i got to animate a human too, it was a very interesting experience and it was nice to work on something that may actually make a difference to animals lives.
The link for the film can be found here:

Anti fur fox film from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

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