Monday, 11 March 2013

It came from stoke canal!

The video above shows my fake trailer for the film: 'It came from stoke canal'
This was a really fun project to work on as i got to combine live action and stop motion in one short trailer.

I really enjoyed working with the actors on this and even through in a cameo myself.

Still from the trailer
I wanted to give this trailer the same feel, the really over the top plot and exaggerated acting.

I had worked in green screen before, most notably me playing air guitar with a stop motion punk:

Green screen punk and me from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

The green screening process was relatively simple compared to my kraken film, but it was enjoyable none the less.

The animating side of it was also fun, i got to create a nice big kraken puppet using research from old horror movies.

My kraken puppet
Here are some of my initial tests:

Octopus test 01 from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

Untitled from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

Octopus scratches head from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

Animating the tentacle
The picture above shows the bridge and tentacle on the green screen, it was animated and then the green screen was taken out and the film was placed over the live action footage.

I hope you enjoyed this post, i know i enjoyed making the film.

More soon


It came from stoke canal complete film trailer from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

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