Friday, 1 March 2013

Building Taz sculpture

For my mums 50th birthday I created a Taz figure holding a 50th balloon, here's how i made it:

I started with a basic wire armature based on a picture of Taz
The armature was made of wire and glue and drilled into a piece of wood and secured into place

I then built him up with coloured plasticine getting the shape of the character right before smoothing

I built the character up using pictures i found on the Internet as reference

When i was happy with the figure i then built up scenery around him
I used plasticine for the grass and a coloured card sky with cut out clouds
The final Taz figure seen above was smoothed out and using a real balloon pulled over a piece of pink foam and glued to the backing card but pushed forwards using cocktail sticks that were punched into the pink foam and glued into place.
A string was then attached and placed into taz's hand.

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