Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cloudy with a chance of jesus

This is an unfinished film, but a good fun one none the less.

Cloudy with a chance of Jesus unedited version from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

The film (shown above) was created when we found an individual who loved telling stories, people said that he should be recorded and so finally I decided, why not, lets record him telling a story and then animate it.

We chose from many funny story's, but the one about his father seeing jesus in the sky, we thought was especially funny.

Cloudy jesus
The film was all shot on green screen and was suposed to be edited with live action footage, unfortunatly a lot of the animation was lost due to computer failiers.

The link below is the only bit of composited footage i own now,  but am still trying hard to salvage what was lost, hopefully one day it will be recreated.
Until then, you will have to make do with this:

Green screen test from Kyle Bennett on Vimeo.

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